Tired of facing memory errors on WordPress?

Well, We will try to resolve your error from the method that helped us.

Here are the steps to resolve one of your memory limit error on WordPress that is quite common. So, if you are facing this WP MEMORY LIMIT Error or WP LIMIT Error of 40MB or more, try to implement the following steps.

1. Login into your CPanel.

2. In the File Manager, find the public_html folder of the particular website. In the Public_html folder, find wp-config.php

3. Add a line just after the opening tag of PHP i.e : <?php define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’ ); . (Add 60, 128, 256, etc whatever memory size is required in the place of 128) and you are good to go.
Here’s the code :
— other code

Still facing the issue? Don’t worry. Reach us with your query in the comments section below and our experts will try to solve your error.

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