Search Engine Marketing

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What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) a combination of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising is a very effective online marketing technique that allows you to grow your business by purchasing ads on search engines like google that brings your page/website amongst the firsts of search results. Eg. Google AdWords Here, you pay an amount to google for which it runs your ad to list your page in one of the top search results, where the highest bidder and rich content gets the topmost place. This is a paid or inorganic way of marketing your product and to buy your website space on the top of organic results based on the keywords you pay for.

Google AdWords creates presence of a page/website among the top google search results thus increasing the traffic on the page and hence the sales. Text ads and display ads are one of the best ways of paid marketing as it draws the customers first attention to your page.


Quality SEM

Wondering why to invest when you can get customers by Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?!

Here’s why!

Instant ROI: It is the fastest way to get more customers and grow your business. The results of SEM are visible within a day or a few hours in some cases.

Cost-Effective: It gives an option where the customer doesn’t pay unless someone clicks on their ad, visits their page or takes action. This is called Pay Per Click or PPC advertisement.

Target Time: It allows you to advertise at the best time, right on the moments when you’re certain that enough customers would be looking for a product or service like yours.

Flexible: The customer can freely choose the keywords they want to invest in, which are best suitable for their product or service and are likely to be hit maximum number of times.


Why  US?

As easy as it sounds, SEM doesn’t give you results if not done right. For this paid marketing technique to make your investment fruitful, one must know the perfect strategy, best time, nicely designed ads and the right keywords to target.

We design the advertisements in such a way that they not only get a lot of hits but also appeal to the customers so much that they are forced to divert their attention to your page or website! 

Endow your money safely with Aanha Services! Let’s Go Digital!