Email and SMS Marketing

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What is Email and SMS Marketing

As the term suggests, email marketing is an online marketing strategy which includes sending bulk emails to the targeted audience. The content of the mails can vary from time to time based on the business requirement. It can be an informational mail about your business/services or a product-specific mail where you promote a particular new/old product from your business domain with an aim to spread the word about it or even sell it.

You can send attractive SMS to potential buyers to convert them into your customers. To sum up, it is the broadcasting of a particular kind of content to a group of people to market your product/service through bulk email or messages.

WHY Email Marketing?


Strategic email and sms marketing comes in handy when you want to update your customers about newsletter releases, promotions, events, product launches, additional services, discounts & other offers.

Suppose you launch a new product/service or have put up a special sale on some products, spreading awareness about it is utterly important but at the same time you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Email and SMS marketing becomes the choice in such cases.

Sending follow-up emails, welcome emails etc. could also help you to interact with your customers and not only give them the best customer service but also an extraordinary experience. This way you can maintain a healthy customer relationship which is a prime motive of every business strategy.

Email/SMS updates bring a large volume from the digital world to your court. You choose a target audience and the volume of people you want to reach. Once that is done, a customized email and sms is designed every time which is then shared with the chosen audience.

EMAIL Marketing Facts


We make this marketing strategy available to you at extremely affordable prices in the form of a complete package which includes the following:

  • ✔ Hassle-free Experience: We take the entire responsibility of carrying out segmented email campaigns for your business, right from helping you choose the correct target group to drafting the email as per your requirements.
  • ✔ Right Targeting: It is not easy to target the correct audience in the first go. With us and with the experience we hold, you will be able to musk into the right people at the right time as we strategize the use of bulk email sender for you.
  • ✔ Intricate Designing: Our designers and content writers draw up catchy emails and SMS based on the requirements of your business. 
  • ✔ Great Experience: We interact with you at each step so as to ensure the best results that can bring you a number of customers with a bunch of emails and messages.

Always make an informed choice before you inform your customers!

Email and SMS Marketing

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