AMP Development

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AMP Development, amp development, google amp development, accelerated mobile page, wordpress accelerated mobile page, amp development company

What is AMP?

AMP short for Accelerated Mobile Pages are open source initiative from Google that is used to develop fast loading pages for mobile web.
Since most of the eyeballs surfing the internet are through the mobile network, making your website mobile compatible is the first thing that should come to your mind. Moreover, in a busy lifestyle as adapted by humans today, we want the content to appear as soon as we click on a link. We hate waiting for a long time to see what the website has to offer and for this reason the bounce back rate increases in case of slow loading of webpages.

AMP is a technique through which we can design pages for our website that will load really quickly on any handset, even the images are so optimized that they load in a jiffy!

Do you know why traditional web pages take time to load? 

The main reason is the advertisements that take up a whole lot of space on the page and mug several seconds to load which mostly causes the user to scroll back from where you potentially wanted to land them. Too much page clutter or bulky images and poor network in areas can also cause delays and make the traditional websites slower. A poorly written script could make the webpage a misfortune.

But you can now make your web page extremely fast!

To cover all this up, AMP provides a sound and customized script that smartly allows only a limited space to the ads on the page and focuses on the main content. They are carefully designed not to degrade the performance of the mobile web page. This way you neither miss making money from the advertisements which show after the main content on the page, nor does the user bounce due to lack of watchful information. Accelerated mobile pages make the user experience extremely comfortable and attractive.

How does AMP work?

Google AMP technique simply integrates a pre-defined script into our original website code and optimizes it. It optimizes the content on our page and gives it an extremely simple look that is enough to grab the user’s attention. Moreover, an AMP page is hosted by google’s server instead of our own which gives it a faster processing speed. It is just like the data being available in cache on our systems.

So don’t wait before you turn your wordpress pages into AMP pages!

    ✔ Give a rocket fast speed to your blog page!

    ✔ AMP creates ultra fast loading pages on your mobile!

   ✔ Mobile SEO is the right SEO! Because mobile is the future!

   ✔ Get AMP optimized pages and make your results fantastic!

Get your AMP page designed by our AMP Development Services today & see the accelerated results.